April 11, 2015

30 Collage Artist Experts + 30 Collage Tutorials = 30 Days Of Fun

On Monday, we'll begin a new creative online adventure! Are you ready to join us?

For 30 days, you'll receive daily guest artist interviews with behind the scenes tips about collage materials, process, and creative business too.

You'll also get 30 days of beautifully photographed step-by-step tutorials to inspire your art and creativity.

Our 30 Days of Collage step-by-step tutorials will give you fresh ideas for materials you might have never thought of using, and we'll have several new thematic collage prompts this session.
This session, I'll be including information on starting your own creative business, with many personal tips and stories as well.
This is a great class to take if you are interested in creative collaboration. We've had moms and daughters, friends, and couples taking the class together.

All course materials will remain online throughout 2015
, so you'll have plenty of time to complete and review all tutorials and our exclusive guest artist expert interviews.

This weekend I'll be sending out course log in information + we start this Monday.

I'm looking forward to our 30 Days of Collage 2015 adventure!

See you in class and greetings from Berlin,


April 1, 2015

Last Chance for 30 Days of Collage!

Hi there! 

This is a little reminder that my 30 Days of Collage online course begins in less than 2 weeks! 

It's the ONLY time I'll be offering this class this year, and it's also the last time I will be posting 30 Days of Collage as a live class.

All materials will remain online throughout 2015, so you'll have plenty of time to complete your projects and read the many guest interviews at your own pace.

For this special edition of 30 Days of Collage, I'll be featuring 30 step-by-step tutorials + 30 guest artist interviews for 30 days of creative fun.

It will be a collage celebration extravaganza, yoohoo!

There is still time to join the fun, come visit my course information page to get all of the details here.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Greetings from Berlin,


March 12, 2015

Why I Teach

I'm often asked: why do you teach? That's a big topic, and an important question.

My goal is to create classes that light up your creativity + add more beauty, joy, color, and richness to your daily life.

That might sound too simple, but actually it's a challenge to stop and enjoy our lives as they so quickly pass us by in a steady stream of work + family + household chores + shopping + everyday tasks.

As I plan my courses, I think about what could delight and inspire you, what would add a bit more happiness to your day + make you smile, which creative ideas might take hold and give you something to look forward to tomorrow and in the days after.
To my own amazement, during the past years, I've received countless letters, beautiful handmade postcards, artwork, and emails from women around the world thanking me for my creative classes.

These ladies tell me that they are now making collages, quilts, jewelry, paintings, ceramics, experimenting with new recipes, taking more photographs, writing and illustrating journals + even sharing and selling their artwork in solo exhibitions.

This is what it's all about for me. 

This is why I continue to develop and offer my classes each year. 

I believe that this is my calling, and I'm here to share everything I know with you.

If I can give a woman the keys to open the doors to her own creativity, then I've done my job.

I come from a long line of teachers, and when you participate in my courses, you are supporting my family too. And so we go full circle in our encouragement, love, and support of one another. Thank you.
You most definitely have a creative spark inside, we all do.

My classes help you nurture this creative spark, allow it to grow, to light yourself up and flourish.

If you'd like to experiment with art, mixed media, photography, seasonal recipes, and journaling, then I hope you'll join me for a creative class online or in Berlin. There is so much to learn, experience, and appreciate in our precious lives.

Taking a creative class can honestly change the way you see + feel + taste + experience your life, and you are most welcome join us.

Greetings from Berlin,

p.s. - * Early Bird Registration for my Creative Spring + 30 Days of Collage classes ends today. *
If you'd like to take part in our next Berlin Art Workshop this June, we now have only 2 spots remaining. More details here. xo

March 10, 2015

Creative Spring in Berlin

Spring is already on its way in Berlin, and I was excited to discover this field of blooms at the botanical gardens this weekend.
Crocuses have started to appear in many nooks and crannies...

and it's glorious to see the fresh splashes of springtime color throughout the landscape.
Inside the greenhouses of the botanical garden, we saw more interesting flora with fantastic shapes and textures.
I particularly loved seeing the cactus plants in all their shapes and forms
and the lush, green ferns too.
My girls were fascinated by the tropical flowers, like this bird-of-paradise
and the blooming camellia trees
and glowing pink rhododendron.
Are you ready for springtime too?

I look forward to going on more outdoor, spring themed photo walks in our new Creative Spring online course together with friends around the world.

Creative Spring starts next Monday, and you are welcome to join us here.

March 5, 2015

Early Bird Registration for 30 Days + Creative Spring Now Open

Hello there + today's the day :)

Early Bird Registration is now open for my new Creative Spring + my 30 Days of Collage online classes, yoohoo!

I have loads of fresh artist interviews + creative tutorials ready for both classes that I can't wait to share with you.

In Creative Spring, we'll go on lovely, themed photo walks, prepare yummy seasonal recipes + make fun DIY projects. I also have new art journaling tutorials, Monday videos to greet you, and 10 wonderful guest artist interviews to inspire you.

All materials will remain online throughout the year, and you'll get a PDF of our seasonal recipes + tutorials to keep forever.

We also have an absolutely gorgeous, friendly, international community which is a real highlight of this course - and we would love for you to join us!
More details on Creative Spring here.
30 Days of Collage is one of my most popular courses ever + this session is going to be a true collage extravaganza!

For this session (the only one in 2015) - we'll enjoy 30 daily collage tutorials + 30 daily guest artist interviews.

To be honest, I'm myself amazed at the incredible range of international collage artists who will be joining us - 30 of the most talented collage artists on the planet! And they all said "yes" to my interview request! So excited to share these inspiring interviews.

Additionally, I'll be sharing many new collage techniques, materials, and tutorials to shake things up and keep our course lively.

Check out all the details on 30 Days of Collage here.
If you're having a hard time deciding right now... the good news is that both coursesare on sale today with an Early Bird Discount!

Both Creative Spring and 30 Days of Collage are now on sale for only 89 Euro - a great price for these joy filled courses that will lift your spirits and get your creative ideas flowing this spring.
If you've taken any of my creative classes in the past, I'm happy to offer you a special Alumni Discount today too.

Just write in - welcomeback - as your Discount Code when you register, and you'll save an extra 10 Euro on both classes too.

I'd love to see you in both Creative Spring + in 30 Days of Collage for an exciting, artistic, delicious, and inspiring springtime together!

Sending you sunny greetings from Berlin,


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