September 24, 2014

Sneak Preview : 3 Good Things

Today I wanted to give you a sneak preview of 3 good things coming up!

First of all, next week I will open up a few very, very limited spots for individual, one-on-one Creative Courage Coaching.

I've been developing a special "Creative Courage" method of coaching during the past months, and I'm very happy to offer this opportunity to work personally with you. 

With my new individual coaching sessions - offered via phone, email, Skype and/or in person here in Berlin - I look forward to helping you clarify, focus, gain confidence, and thrive with your own creative ideas.

On October 1st, I'll be opening up registration + posting more detailed information about my new Creative Courage Coaching program. More very soon!
The second great piece of news is that I'm offering a gigantic, "best of" Wild + Beautiful Creative Courage course, featuring a unique 100+ guest artist interview archive.

In 2011, I introduced my first Creative Courage e-course and since then hundreds of women have taken part from over 50 countries.

During each session of Creative Courage, I've interviewed 12 gifted women from many different creative fields - art, writing, photography, blogging, ceramics, crafting, design and more. For the upcoming session, I'll also be adding 16 brand new interviews to complete our 100+ collection

I am honored and delighted that these generous, creative women have shared their knowledge and tips with us so openly, and I look forward to being able to bring this inspiring collection of interviews to you.

For one last time, in an all out 2015 session, I'll be offering you 10 of my most loved + popular course themes, as well as 10 fun, creative, hands on projects to get you fired up in the new year.
Wild + Beautiful Creative Courage will bring together the best materials + projects from my online courses, plus an incredible resource of in-depth interviews with 100+ of the most talented creative ladies working today in art, design, illustration, writing, and blogging.

My Creative Courage + Wild Courage courses have had an amazing response over the past 3 years, and many, many women have written to me to say how the courses have changed and enriched their lives. 

The Creative + Wild Courage courses changed my life in a very positive way - and I've designed the courses to guide and support you in reaching your creative goals too.

My special tip: be sure you are on my newsletter list to be eligible Early Bird Discount + Alumni rates

I can't wait to share this inspiring collection of wisdom from wild, beautiful, creative women from around the world! xo
The third happy piece of news is that we had an absolutely wonderful time during our June + September Berlin Art Workshops. Yes, I was a bit nervous about hosting the workshops here for the first time, but everyone was lovely, the workshops went smoothly, and it was a great experience to finally meet everyone live and in person!

Creative women from literally all over the globe - Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Canada, the US, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium - came together to visit Berlin this summer for our first Art + Adventure Workshops.

Isn't that amazing? I can hardly believe it myself!

Our workshops were true festivals of collage making, experimenting, exploring, laughing, talking, and enjoying great food + art together! You can see photos from our June workshop here + the September workshop photos are on the way :)
Of course we all want to do this again in 2015, and of course you are invited! 

In 2015 I'll be making the workshop a little bit shorter, and more affordable to make it easier for you to attend.

We're looking at June 2015 as our next workshop date, and I'm already busy dreaming up plans and getting excited. I want to give you plenty of time to prepare and fit this into next year's schedule.
Berlin is awesome - I promise :) And everyone is so lovely and kind and creative at the workshop - you will have a great time!

I'll be opening up registration for the 2015 Berlin Art Workshop on October 15th, so be sure to stay tuned.

As usual, Early Bird Discount registration and detailed info will be coming up in my newsletter.
I'm looking forward to many exciting, creative adventures with you in the upcoming months + in 2015!

Big hugs from Berlin,



Delicious, Creative Autumn Greetings + A Special Offer

I love the colors + tastes of autumn: trees glowing in all shades of red and gold, steamy delicious soups and rich, homemade flavors while getting cozy with a book, leaves whirling through the air while walking in the woods...

If you enjoy the delights of autumn and the upcoming holiday season as much as I do, I have a special treat for you today.

In our upcoming Autumn + Holiday Seasonal Sessions, you'll have the opportunity to:
  • create DIY and mixed media art + craft projects with easy to follow tutorials
  • taste 50 + delicious, seasonal, healthy recipes
  • capture the signs of the changing seasons in our outdoor photography walks
  • have fun with visual journaling exercises to document your creative projects all year long
  • gather fresh ideas + insights from weekly guest artist + designer interviews
  • get encouragement and expand your creativity with my personal Monday videos 
  • learn about + celebrate seasonal + holiday traditions from around the world
  • connect with our friendly, international creative community (it's a lovely group)
We just got started with our Autumn Session and we're already having so much fun! 

It's not too late to join us and all course materials will remain online throughout the year.

What a wonderful way to boost your creativity this autumn + holiday season, and you are most welcome to join us today!

"I am thoroughly enjoying the Creative Courageous Year course! Stephanie is full of fabulous and inspiring ideas for walks, crafts, recipes, journaling and reading to keep our creative juices flowing. Connecting with the worldwide community of wonderful and like-minded women is so delightful. This is exactly the gift I needed to give myself right now." Jobina, Germany/Canada
My Creative Courageous Autumn + Holiday Sessions are part of a unique, one of a kind, seasonally based online course to help you discover and celebrate more beauty in your daily life.

As we create food + art + photography projects together, you'll enjoy more relaxation, magic and meaning during the rest of 2014.

You'll get fresh daily inspiration delivered to your inbox, Monday-Friday, including seasonal recipes, guest interviews, fun DIY + crafty projects, photo and journal prompts, and personal videos from me to you. 

Why not join us to make your autumn + holidays a beautiful, creative, delicious adventure?

"I have taken a number of courses with Stephanie in the past year, and they have truly led me back to my creative path. The international groups of like minded women are so inspiring and supportive. Stephanie's authentic voice and creative spirit are a true gem." Joanna, USA

"This is such a lovely place: make yourself comfortable, treat yourself to a delicious cup of tea or coffee and breathe in all the beauty and inspiration at your own pace... Just one little note: Stephanie's courses are addictive and so is this feast for the eyes and the (other) senses!" - Elke, Belgium
Themed outdoor walks one of my favorite parts of our seasonal sessions + a wonderful opportunity to notice and capture the signs of the changing seasons.

Participants from around the world share their photos of their surroundings - and the diversity is amazing!
Imagine seeing Autumn and the Holidays through the eyes of participants in Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, the US (and our country list goes on and on!)

"This is not the first time I've taken one of Stephanie's courses and I for one highly recommend them. The material is always really interesting, inspiring and well planned out. Stephanie is just amazing, she gets really involved in her courses on a personal level and is clearly committed to making the experience a really enjoyable one for everyone. Every course I've taken has been a little journey of discovery." Rachel, France/UK
Our upcoming guest interviews this session are also very international this session and will feature:

Cynthia Morris - author and creativity/writing coach based in Colorado, USA
Ayda Algin - blogger, photographer, and creator of the gorgeous Cafe NoHut blog based in Istanbul, Turkey
Meike Peters - Berlin + Malta based food writer and creator of the delicious, lovely eat in my kitchen blog 
Juliane Strittmatter - professional doll maker from the Fröken Skicklig blog, a Berlin girl in Southern Sweden
Judit Wild - Hungarian jewelry maker from Budapest and creator of the Vadjutka jewelry line + blog

I'm delighted to hear more from these creative ladies and learn about their seasonal projects and traditions from around the world!

"I love Stephanie's Creative Courage e-course. I've participated in three of her courses and each time I've learned something new and exciting. Stephanie is inspiring, supportive, and a wealth of information. Her videos are warm and encouraging; the projects are fun; and the interviews are fabulous. I can't sing Stephanie's praises enough!"  EllenUSA
If Creative Courageous Year sounds like a rich, rewarding experience for you, I hope you'll sign up today.

This is a unique opportunity to join together from all over the world to celebrate the seasons + your creative life.

Right now, I'm offering both 5 week Autumn + Holiday Seasonal Sessions classes as a special package for only $99 - less than $10 per week. 

When you sign up, you'll also get unlimited access to our private, international Creative Courageous Year Community. This year is the last time I'll be offering my seasonal classes in this format, so it is truly an opportunity that you don't want to miss.

Simply click on the "add to cart" button below to sign up for the Autumn + Holiday Seasonal Sessions of Creative Courageous Year, and you will be redirected to PayPal where you can complete your registration.
Add to Cart
I'm sending you sunny autumn greetings from Berlin + I look forward to welcoming you to our creative community!



My Thoughts on Art, Creativity + Kids

I was recently invited to take part in a "blog hop" artist interview series, where we all introduce ourselves and talk about our current work, by the talented English artist Rachel Horne, who now lives in France with her family. Rachel makes beautiful mixed media and textile artwork, and you can see more of her paintings and art on her blog here + she has a artist FB page as well.

Here are the interview questions I received from Rachel: 

1- What am I working on at the moment?

Right now I'm mostly working on my creative online classes + my current course is Creative Courageous Autumn
In the course, we use photography, journaling, crafting, and cooking to explore our creativity and we enjoy weekly, exclusive, in depth interviews with international guests. This time around we have interviews with creative women in the US, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, and Sweden! You can see our Autumn Session guest list here.

We also take photo walks with different themes + prompts each week, and it's loads of fun to see everyone's photos from around the world. Last week "autumn light" was our theme and the photos everyone shared were gorgeous! For example, you can see several of Rachel's beautiful photos from France here.
The creative element really comes into play with lots of yummy, seasonal recipes (we do a lot of experimenting in the kitchen) and also with our weekly DIY projects. Last week we learned how to make image transfers, which we can use in our new and art journals. Another aspect of the course is that many participants are using a journal to document their creative year.

Some participants join us for the entire year, while others join for a season or two. We just started the Autumn Session (it's not to late to take part :) + we'll wrap up this year with a playful Holiday Session.

Our upcoming Holiday Session will feature new interviews, recipes, and fun, seasonal crafty projects - but with the emphasis on relaxation and "easy does it" style holiday celebrations. I really look forward to learning more about holiday traditions from around the world in our quite international group of participants! All the details are here + you are welcome to join us.
2- How does my work differ from other work of its genre?

The main media I use is collage, and I do love collage because there is no right or wrong way to do it. You don't need to be able to draw or paint to make collage - all you need are scissors, a glue stick, and a stack of old papers and magazines!

The materials you can use are unlimited (basically anything you can glue down) - you don't need a lot of space, and the costs of making collage are very minimal.

My latest collage project is 100 Days of Collage and I'm challenging myself to create 100 new collages in 100 days. I'm using lots of favorite quotes in this series, and travel images and maps are popping up quite a bit - so we'll see where it goes. I'm practicing making quick collages and not over-thinking too much or obsessing if each collage is "good enough."  I simply want to have fun with this project and do something creative with my hands each day.

I'm posting my daily work on Instagram at #100daysofcollage and you are more than welcome to take part too! All the details on how to take part in this new creative, collaborative project are here.
The Unknown - quote by Alexandra David-Neel
The Unknown - quote by Alexandra David-Neel
3 - Why do I create what I do + how does my creative process work?

I have been making artwork for as long as I can remember. I don't know that I can really explain my creative process, I think it is simply important to make, make, make. Create if you are so inclined - and if not, that's ok too!

I know many artists who feel guilty for not making more work, or "better" work - and I think it is truly counter-productive. Whatever your creative ideas are - with painting, photography, drawing, ceramics, writing, whatever - you should just go for it, give it a try, do what gives you pleasure and makes you feel alive, and forget about what you think you "should" be doing. 
Each day I see how freely my daughters (ages 7 + 8) create, and it is beautiful to watch. One daughter is now completely into writing and illustrating elaborate stories, while one daughter especially loves intricate jewelry making.

My daughters simply make and make and make without worrying about the issues adult artists often create for themselves.

I believe this is the true joy of art and creative expression!

Thank you Rachel for asking me to take part + I'll be announcing the next blog hop interview via Twitter +Facebook



September 21, 2014

100 Days of Collage

To get back into the groove of making something with my hands every single day, I started a new creative project this week :)

I'll be busy making 100 collages in the next 100 days, and I'd love for you to join me!

There are no rules - or you can make your own - and I'll be limiting the time spent on my collages each day to 30 minutes or less.

This project is completely free and it costs nothing to take part!

All you need is a pair of scissors, a glue stick, and a stack of newspapers, magazines, old books, wrapping paper, or any other papers or other lightweight materials  you have around the house.

The wonderful thing about collage is that you don't need any "art experience" at all!

You don't need to be able to draw or paint or sculpt or sew! For collage, you simply cut up papers, patterns, and images, and glue it all down in a way that pleases you.

Sound like fun?

Have a peek at the collages I've made so far this week...
Beginnings, Day 1, #100daysofcollage - quote by W.H. Murray
For the Wild at Heart, Day 2, #100daysofcollage - quote by Tennessee Williams
New Lands, Day 3, #100daysofcollage - quote by Andre Gide
The Unknown, Day 4, #100daysofcollage - quote by Alexandra David-Neel
Never Too Late, Day 5, #100daysofcollage - quote by George Eliot
Good Armchair, Day 6, #100daysofcollage - quote by Henri Matisse

As you can see, I'm enjoying incorporating favorite daily quotes into my collages - but you can choose to approach this however you'd like.

Each day, I'll be posting my collages on Instagram here using the hashtag #100daysofcollage.

When you click on the hashtag #100daysofcollage over on Instagram, you'll see collages from around the world too!
As the days grow shorter, it's a great time to get started on a creative project for the remaining months of 2014, don't you agree? 

To get lots of detailed collage techniques and prompts, step by step tutorials, plus tips from international collage artists, you can also check out my 30 Days of Collage online course - but the #100daysofcollage project is completely free and open to everyone!

I wish you lots of happy collage creating this autumn + I can't wait to see what you'll make!

Don't forget to share on Instagram or Facebook with the tag #100daysofcollage so that we can all find your lovely new collages and see your work in progress :)

If you start now, you'll be finished by the end of this year... Just grab a sketchbook, some paper scraps you have at home, and let's go!

Hugs from Berlin,



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